In a recent interview with Streetwise Reports, Dr. Michael Berry, Federal Research Board expert and publisher of Morning Notes, commented on Galore Resources Inc. If this is a bottom, Berry sees it as the ideal time to pick up bargains in the mining sector. In this exclusive with The Gold Report, he gives his diagnosis for what ails the markets and names the companies from Alaska to Brazil that could survive the financial plague wiping out equities all over the world.

Dr. Michael Berry served as a professor of investments at the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia from 1982–1990, during which time he published a book, Managing Investments: A Case Approach. He has managed small- and mid-cap value portfolios for Heartland Advisors and Kemper Scudder. His publication, Morning Notes, analyzes emerging geopolitical, technological and economic trends. He travels the world with his son, Chris, looking for discovery opportunities for his readers.

Michael Berry’s Comments:
“I really like the idea that Galore Resources Inc. is in Canada. . .Galore is a really interesting play. It is right in the middle of several big developments. I like the company’s Dos Santos Mexican project as well. It is just drilling it out now, but it has a lot of potential. . .would I be buying something like Galore for $0.08? Yes. It’s a bet the company will survive [a bear market] and will be worth a lot more money.”   Click here to read the full article


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